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Welcome to the African Environmental Law and Policy web site, hosted by the Environmental Law Institute. This site provides electronic access to research materials produced by ELI and our partners on selected topics in African environmental law, and highlights ELI’s past and ongoing activities to promote the development and implementation of sound environmental laws and institutions in Africa. It also is a portal to the diverse Internet sources on environmental law and policy in Africa.

Gateway to African environmental law and policy web sites:

The World Wide Web offers a wealth of information (often scattered) on environmental law and policy in Africa. To facilitate your search for sites and pages, this Web site provides a gateway to sites related to African environmental law and policy.  These links will be organized by both nation and subject.  Web sites organized by environmental issue or country to allow browsing information on a particular African nation or by issues affecting environmental law in Africa.

ELI’s on-line research and policy documents on African environmental law:

This page includes downloadable research papers (in PDF format) and other documents that ELI and its partners have published on African environmental law and policy.

ELI’s ongoing activities in Africa:

This page includes a recent activity report for the Africa program, describing ELI's past and ongoing activities in Africa.

Tools for African Environmental Advocates:

This page discusses ELI's program devoted to Building African Environmental Advocacy and provides a copy of the final draft of the handbook "A Toolkit for Environmental Advocates in Africa."

We are continually seeking to update and improve this site, and we would appreciate your feedback.  If you would like further information about ELI’s Africa Program, please e-mail Scott Schang (


ELI's African Environmental Law and Policy Web page is supported in part by grants from
the US Agency for International Development and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.