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Developing Effective Environmental Laws and Policies

Finalizing Ethiopia's Draft Environmental Law

Ethiopia’s Environmental Protection Agency and the Commission on Environmental Law of The World Conservation Union–IUCN requested ELI’s assistance in peer reviewing and finalizing Ethiopia’s draft framework environmental law. With IUCN, ELI coordinated the review process, soliciting comments from environmental lawyers throughout the region, synthesizing the comments, and adding further comments. The project drew on the staff and institutional expertise of ELI and its African partners in drafting and implementing framework environmental laws around the world. Following the peer review process, ELI presented the IUCN/ELI comments at a workshop of interested governmental and non-governmental representatives to discuss the draft framework environmental law. This workshop was held in Addis Ababa on August 16-18, 1999. Since the EPA incorporated the various comments, the draft law has been submitted to the Council of Ministers for their consideration.

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